We shall create video documentation of the property for each move-in and move-out. Each rental unit is inspected and filmed when the resident takes possession and again when the resident vacates. This ensures an indisputable record of the unit’s condition before and after tenancy and serves as a deterrent for most abnormal damage.


We conduct regular systematic interior inspections of rental units at the owner’s written request. We also conduct frequent exterior inspections of our units and communities to help ensure compliance with Association and city and/or county regulations.


We shall collect all rents, and any other fees or charges from the resident and deposit all funds in the owners trust account. Our leases require that all rent and past due fees (if any) are paid in full by the first of every month. Should a tenant fail to pay in full, any payment received is posted to past due amounts first, then the remaining towards rent. The then past due rent is now actionable with either a late fee based on a percentage of the amount due or eviction, if necessary. Proven rent collection techniques.


We have a highly experienced maintenance staff at very competitive rates at your disposal. We shall use our own maintenance staff whenever possible to lower labor costs. Additionally, if the client wishes we are fully capable of managing on-site maintenance staff as employees of the Owner. We shall supervise and manage all maintenance and on-site managerial staff (if any.) We will also inspect the work of all landscaping, painting, flooring or any other independent contractors.


We periodically obtain bids for all major repairs, replacements and remodeling to provide our clients the best service at the best price. We receive discounted rates from most specialty contractors and vendors.


We will assist in developing a budgeted preventative maintenance program budget to preserve your property’s value, which results in tenant retention and extended life of appliances and fixtures thereby maximizing the return on your investment.


Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We are closed weekends and all major holidays; however, a licensed Realtor/Property Manager is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to handle any emergencies, which may arise.


All units are photographed inside and out using the latest high-resolution digital photography. The property is then advertised on our website, craigslist, YouTube, Facebook, as well as many other high profile home rental websites, which has proven to be the most effective and efficient way to rent units in today’s market. All advertisements are terminated and reinstated as often as allowed to remain fresh and at the top of the listings.


We shall advertise your vacant unit or community, review credit reports and conduct eviction searches on all perspective residents. We also contact their previous landlords (if any) for references and choose the best residents available for your community. All prospective tenants 18 or older, who wish to reside in the rental unit, shall be subject to the credit and rental history search regardless of family status. The credit and rental history searches are conducted at no cost to our clients. In addition, we have one of the most comprehensive and contemporary rental agreements in the industry.


We strictly enforce all terms and conditions of rental agreements and Nevada law and immediately enforce community and/or association rules and regulations.


We shall file, personally serve, post and mail all eviction notices. We will follow through on all lockouts, court appearances, etc. if rent remains unpaid or if a breach of contract remains uncorrected. Rents are always due on the first and considered late on the second of each month.


We shall file all small claims action on your behalf to collect unpaid rents, damages, etc. if necessary. We shall prepare the court case and act as your representative in court. Complete follow-through of all small claims and collections on our client’s behalf. If prudent, we shall turn over an unpaid debt to a licensed collection agency.


No later than the fifteenth day of each month or such other time negotiated by the Owner, we shall provide the client with a monthly statement for your property. This statement shall include all income and expense transactions for the month. Owner proceed checks will be enclosed with each statement or deposited in your local bank account, as funds are available.


We shall prepare a comprehensive annual budget for all of our multi-family community owners upon request.


We shall provide you with a year-end statement that will show all income and expense for your property. We shall also provide you with a 1099 tax statement for your income tax preparation.