“We have been clients of Stapleton Real Estate Services for many years. Not only are they a Property Management Company but also Chris Stapleton assisted us in the Sale of one of our properties. We live out of state. I am never concerned about the monthly activity for statements to be delivered in a timely manner; it’s just like “Clock Work”. If there are any repair needs they are attended to A.S.A.P. If I do need to call for any reason, I know my call will be returned in a timely manner. If you are considering using a Property Management Company give them a call, you’ll be happy you did.”

Still Happy Clients after all these Years,
Joanne and Moe
Multiple Condominiums



“I have used Stapleton Real Estate Services to manage my custom home in Reno. Having never rented a property before, I was not sure what to expect. Chris has taken all the worries away as he hires people to maintain the property, care for the landscaping, and he even found a painting contractor to stain the whole house in a clean and timely manner so the tenant would not be inconvenienced.

Especially when you do not live near your rental, Stapleton Real Estate Services provides a confidence level that your major investment is being taken care of.”

Single-Family Home



“My wife and I have been clients of Stapleton Real Estate Services, and it predecessor entity, Edington Associates, since 1979.

We have experienced nothing but superior service for not only property management of our rental properties, but also for real estate purchases and sales, from all representatives of this organization. We have worked closely with Chris Stapleton and his wife Amy for the last eight years, and we are very pleased with the service we have been given.

Chris’ team has provided us excellent perceptions of local market conditions, and has helped us to capitalize on them for our properties to take advantage of opportunities or, to the extent possible, to avoid adverse conditions.

We very much like Stapleton Real Estate Services’s approach to building a long lasting, and trusting relationship with us, and we look forward to continuing our association with him and Stapleton Real Estate Services well into the future.”

JM Gaule
Multi-family Apartments & Single Family Homes



“Years ago, we moved from Nevada to a distant state, and were initially very concerned about how we would manage our rental properties in Nevada. We have now been relying on Stapleton Real Estate Services, and Chris Stapleton and Amy Walker, for more than 10 years. During that time, they have handled the whole range of issues that inevitably arise for property owners: unexpected vacancies, re-rentals, repairs, renovations, and evictions.

Chris and Amy have always presented these kinds of events in a way that clarifies to us the simple decisions that we have to make, which they then implement. We are left with the final say in property decisions, but are free of all the work that goes with them. This is exactly the way we want it! Over the years our properties have been well-maintained and remained profitable for us in spite of their distance from our present home.

A few years ago, when the time came to sell one of our properties, Chris and Amy acted as our agents. They successfully marketed the property, got us a great price, and again did all the work. For property management and property sales, Stapleton Real Estate Services has done right by us. We would recommend Stapleton Real Estate Services, and Chris and Amy, to anyone looking for a good property management firm.”

Mark and Sally Reed
Single-family Home & Condominium



“Chris Stapleton at Stapleton Real Estate Services is easy to access for any emergency, incredibly pleasant to work with, and always offers practical solutions to problems. A five star recommendation for anyone or any group looking for super quality service.”

Hugh Fraser
Board of Directors
Westview Townhouse’s Association



“Christopher Stapleton has been managing my rental property since 1996, always in a professional manner and with excellent attention to detail. Every event at the property has been processed in a timely manner, including any documentation required for my day-to-day files or long term archives.”

Dan Brewster



“Chris Stapleton has managed residential income properties for us since about 1998, and we are delighted with the services he provides. Our units are rented to qualified tenants who have been properly screened, who pay on time and are stable and responsible. Repairs and maintenance have been handled promptly and much less expensively than would be the case if we had to deal with them ourselves. Chris knows and follows all the applicable laws, and saves us time and money in that regard. When we have questions, we can reach Chris or his office staff with a phone call, day or night. We sleep well, knowing that Chris is taking care of business for us.”

Jim K. and Linda H.
Single-family Home & Condominium



“We have employed Chris Stapleton and his firm of Stapleton Real Estate Services to manage 3 of our rental properties in the Reno/Sparks area for over the past 12 years combined.

His broad knowledge of the local rental market, professionalism and expertise have proven to be very valuable to us and in keeping our properties rented. We have formed a good rapport with Chris and his staff and they keep us informed as to any issues that may come up on our rentals and are prompt to take care of the problem.

He has been successful in obtaining good tenants for each of our properties through his screening process. We would highly recommend Chris and Stapleton Real Estate Services as a competent property management firm for your rental needs.”

Linda C and Robert B
Condominium & Single-Family Homes